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Bois d’Arc Lake 2022

August 3, 2019

I stopped by to take a look at how the construction was progressing for the bridge that will eventually span the future Bois d’Arc Lake. I am fascinated by the sheer volume of cement in massive columns that seem to march north to what will be the other side of the lake and the future of Fannin County.

When I gaze eastways across the low valley known locally as the Bois d’Arc Bottoms there is a bittersweet sense of loss for the land and the thriving wildlife within it’s deep woods. It all will be gone once the dammed northern part of the Bois d’Arc creek rises up and creates a new lake covering over 16,640 acres. This new lake will be known far and wide as the Bois d’Arc Lake of Fannin County, Texas.

It’s a transformation of more than the landscape. The use of the land will become much more public and the water that once flowed throughout the county will be defined by the NTMWD in ways that I can’t began to understand yet. The Bois d’Arc Lake is estimated to be providing an astounding average of 108 million gallons of water per day to the NTMWD customers rural and urban in the year 2022. Yes! The early part of 2022. Completed. That is the estimated date of it being fully up and operational.

All Aboard! Here comes the new Bois d’Arc Lake. It is no longer the “proposed lake” it is nearly here and nearly up and running in just over a in less than three years.

Now we are talking about zoning around the lake and possible Marina sites for boating and recreation.  The price of land and homes are rising steadily and many of our roads are getting better and wider for the planned increase in traffic and people.

Affordable housing has become an issue while the construction of new restaurants, car washes are breaking ground.  Old homes and buildings are starting to be restored with a new influx of energy and money or leveled for new construction.

The future of Fannin County will be evolving into something different than it was before as we enter a new age of being a recreation destination. A place where visitors come and enjoy our bounty of lakes and natural recreation like our multiple lakes, the Caddo Grasslands, local events. Visitors who will stay, eat and shop with our local merchants. There are new residents moving into Fannin County all the time. New neighbors moving here who may have got a job here, working from home or retiring to a place less crowded with a rural feeling of country life.

The lake isn’t here yet and I have lost count of how many RV parks have been created the last two years/ Already they all seem to be busy with out of area construction workers, visitors, and once the lake is here they will be booming busy. I would imagine new hotels and businesses will continue to flock to our area as we are moving on up and opportunities will continue to grow for local business. That’s the plan isn’t it?

Another thing that will continue to grow is prices and property taxes as the value of property continues it upward trend. The prices will only go up.  That is my humble prediction. Like Will Rogers said “You don’t wait to buy land. You buy land and wait”. Investors and speculators have been buying and waiting over the past 15-20 years when the lake was proposed and those with vision and money bought land near the future lake and have been holding on to it for when the lake becomes an actuality.

If any of you are waiting for prices to go down before you buy property then I suggest you consider the low interest rates and make your move to become a homeowner or purchase land for the future that most likely isn’t that far away.

All Aboard!

Penny Pearson

Fast Facts about Bois d’Arc Lake

The NTMWD has provided a list of Benefits for the Region
Not only will the Bois d’Arc Lake meet the water needs of up to 80 North Texas communities, it will also offer numerous recreation opportunities and significant economic benefits.*
Projected Economic Benefits:
Increasing economic activity in Fannin County by at least $509 million and the entire
region by $682 million over the construction period.
Boosting recreation and industry-related activity in Fannin County by $166 million
each year after construction.
Creating more than 2,400 new jobs in the Fannin County area.
Spending by new residents will increase economic activity in Fannin County by
$81 million annually.
Supporting the construction of 3,200 new homes over the next 30 years.


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